Detailed Scientific Coffee Analysis

Golden Bean Australia

Available all year. We can test both Roasted and Green Bean coffee that will give you valuable insights to grow your business.

Coffee Roast Degree Analysis

Have your coffee analysed by our expert team to find out the roast colour, based off the SCAA Gourmet numeric scale.

Uniformity Analysis

Learn the uniformity or the lack of uniformity there is in your roasted coffee. This information can help you drastically improve the flavour of your coffee as well as its consistency.

Coffee Moisture and Density Analysis

Utilised for both green bean and roasted beans. This can provide you with information surrounding the shrinking percentage of beans before they are roasted.

It can also determine the storage environment of the beans via moisture level of roasted and green, which affects cup quality.

PH Testing on Espresso and Filter Coffee

The PH level of your coffee is analysed to assess the acidity level.